In 1951 a Census was held that gives us details of Lewisham's population. This was the first Census since 1931 as the 1941 census had been cancelled. Deptford had 75,456 residents and Lewisham 227,453. Of these Deptford had 112 who had been born in India, 20 who had been born in Cyprus and 291 from the rest of the Commonwealth countries. Lewisham had 680 residents from India, 31 from Cyprus and 1,166 from the rest of the Commonwealth.

MV Empire Windrush landed at Tilbury on 21st June 1948. On board were 492 immigrants from Australia and Jamaica who had been promised cheap passage and work in the UK. The arrival of the passengers was a landmark in the history of modern Britain, and the images of West Indians filing off the gangplank has come to symbolise the beginning of the British multicultural society. Several new arrivals came to live in Lewisham with 5 passengers giving Wickham Road, Brockley as their destination on arrival.

In Deptford in 1951 40.3% of the population was single, 51.8% married and 7.9% widowed or divorced. The figures for Lewisham were 40.3% single, 52.3% married and 7.4% widowed or divorced. In the 2001 Census the figures were 57.4% single, 31.3% married and 11.3% divorced or widowed. Overall approximately 22% of the 1951 population was aged 0-14, 44% were 15-44, 23% 45-64 and 11% were 65 or over. In 2001 19.9% were 0-14, 51.1% were 15-44, 18% were 45-64, and 11% 65 and over.

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