London County Council was responsible for the provision of schools in Lewisham and Deptford. Lewisham was combined with Camberwell as Division No 7. Lewisham had 27 County primary schools and 15 County secondary schools. There were also 16 voluntary schools, 8 grammar schools, 5 special schools and 16 private schools.

Deptford provided a similar range and was also home to the Rachel McMillan Nursery School, which also provided a large training college accommodating 100 students and staff and opened by Queen Mary in 1930.

The South-east London Technical College in Lewisham Way opened in 1931. Its aim was to teach the principles underlying the professions. trades and industries of the area. There were 5 main sections - electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and building and allied trades, women's subjects, secondary technical schools for girls (trade, cookery, dressmaking and millinery) and a secondary technical school for boys (engineering and building). The college offered full time day, part time day and evening courses.

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