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The Broadway Theatre, Deptford

In 1908 Deptford had one theatre licensed by the London County Council - the Broadway Theatre, which seated 1,372 people, and was also home to the New Cross Empire, which was licensed as a music hall or theatre of variety and which seated 1,650. The Lewisham Hippodrome was granted it's license for music and dancing but had not yet been built. St Hilda's Hall in Brockley was also licensed for music and dancing.

Liquor licensing was administered by petty sessional division and that covering Deptford and Lewisham, was Blackheath licensing district, which also covered Greenwich and Woolwich. In 1908 Deptford was recorded as having 86 public houses and 35 beerhouses, while Lewisham had 67 public houses and 35 beerhouses.

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