Industry and work

In 1908 Lewisham and Deptford provided work for a large number of people in a range of industries.

Deptford had 163 factories and 187 workshops together employing 8,855 people - 4,669 men, 2424 women, 712 young men and 1,050 young women. Lewisham had 111 factories and 367 workshops, which employed 5,041 people - 1,988 men, 2,084 women, 316 young men and 653 young women. In Deptford 1,001 people were employed in the dress industries, 1,899 in metals, machinery, etc. and 2,484 in wood and wooden articles. Lewisham included 977 people employed in laundries and 440 in gas and electricity.

The Deptford Victualling Yard - on the site of the former dockyards - employed 257 hired labourers who earned 23/- per week (£1.15). This had been increased from 21/- a week in April 1906. A skilled bricklayer or mason could earn 43s 9d per week (£2.18), while a Metropolitan police constable could expect to get from 25s 6d to 33s 6d per week (£1.27 - £1.67).

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