Education in Lewisham

Elementary schools in the borough were the responsibility of London County Council. These were divided into those provided by the local education authority and those provided by other organisations, mostly denominational school associations. Deptford had 15 provided and 3 non-provided schools, while Lewisham had 17 provided and 15 non-provided. The total number of elementary pupils in 1908 were 17,207 in Deptford and 21,682 in Lewisham.

Deptford had 3 secondary schools, Addey and Stanhope and the 2 Aske's, Hatcham schools, and Lewisham 10, including Lewisham Grammar, St Dunstan's College and the School for Sons of Missionaries.

The borough also supported several further and higher education establishments. Goldsmith's College and the Albany Institute in Deptford and Blackheath High School in Lewisham.

Blackheath also housed the Blackheath Conservatoire of Music and Blackheath School of Art. In 1908 the Conservatoire offered classes in elocution, deportment and fencing among other subjects.

Adult education classes were also provided for 3,188 people in Deptford and 5,333 in Lewisham.

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