How to contribute

You can do this in several ways -

  • by adding information to this wiki. Click here to Add a memory
  • You can also email contributions to us at ku.vog.mahsiwel|seiduts.lacol#ku.vog.mahsiwel|seiduts.lacol
  • You can post them to Lewisham Heritage, Lewisham Library, 199-201 Lewisham High Street, London SE13 6LG
  • You can drop them off at any local library in Lewisham. Please mark them for the Lewisham Heritage team at Lewisham Library

All the information provided will be added to the borough archives. We will be recording memories of the 1948 Games to ensure they survive and will also be creating a new archive of the London 2012 games for the use of future generations.

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