Harry Mallin
Harry Mallin

Harry Mallin
1920 Antwerp Olympics
1924 Paris Olympics
Gold medallist

Harry Mallin was born in London on 1st June 1892. Mallin competed in the 1920 Antwerp Olympics winning gold as a middleweight. He also competed at the 1924 Paris Olympics. The title fight was with Roger Brousse (France) and led to an unusual boxing controversy. Brousse appeared to have done enough to win on points, but as the last round ended Mallin tried to make the umpire aware that he had been bitten in the shoulder. Before he could make himself understood, the bout had been awarded to Brousse on points. An appeal brought by a Swedish official showed that Mallin had been bitten, and Brousse was disqualified - even though the jury declared that the foul had not been intentional. Mallin was declared the winner of the middleweight gold medal.

He died in Lewisham on 8th November 1969.

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