Opening ceremony
The Opening Ceremony of the 1948 Games

My Memories of the 1948 Opening Ceremony

"I was born in 1934 so I was 15 years old in 1948. I remember going to the opening ceremony at Wembley Stadium with my school chums from Athelney Secondary School, Bellingham. I took my sandwiches which my mother had made me in my old gas mask box! I think I am correct we saw King George VI open the games. For a boy of 15 years it was an amazing spectacle.

One of several sights that have stuck in my mind was seeing the athletic tracks for the 100mts, 300mts, etc. I mention this because in the following weeks I remember reading about a famous Dutch athlete Fanny Blankers-Koen winning the ladies 100mts race. Also there was a Czech runner called Emil Zatopek who made the headlines."

Contributed by Mr John M. Phillips

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