Olympic Torch Club Championships

Olympic Torch 'Lights Up' Club Championships

"For the staff and children of Ladywell Gymnastics Club, history was made at their Olympic Themed Annual Championships when the Olympic Torch was displayed inside the gymnastics hall on the first day of the event. On top of this amazing occurrence, one of the co-designers of the Torch, Jay Osgerby, attended and gave an entertaining and highly informative speech about the Torch to each group of children and their parents throughout the day.

All the children and indeed the majority of the parents present were amazed to be in the presence of this piece of history and gave Jay a resounding cheer when he was announced and produced the Torch.

This year’s Championships were once again a resounding success for everyone involved and the visit of Jay and the Torch proved to be the icing on the cake; and a fantastic reward for all the hard work put into the weekend by parent and child Volunteers, Club Staff and all the children competing and their families. How honoured were we, historic memories – what a weekend."

Memory from the Jonathan Hibbert Foundation in Honor Oak. They enacted their own Torch Relay with children from a local nursery handing the torch to older people from the pensioners' club.

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